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"I enjoy using Christian and inspirational music when I teach. I love your products and sharing them with others." -Kentucy

"Wow! What a certification! Thank you Donna, for being so obedient to his God's call for creating a loving atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to enter to dwell when planing to deliver his message in such an exciting way. I do not think you know what you have done for me by having this certification training. Not only my life, you have also, touched my brother's life. Again, I have to say Thank you. I will call you to make arrangements for the other certifications. Love Ya-Gal." -Washington D.C

"A needed addition to the music options we can listen to while being CV challenged. Great resource!" -California

*I earned my bachelors in Biochemistry from Nigeria and my masters in Biology from Harvard. However, i am a great passion for fitness and health. I proposed and started a health and fitness ministry for my local church where i will primarily coach and teach the women. We are in the process of building a dedicated room for all things relating to the ministry. I have started to earn certifications in various aspects of what i like. I was on my way to earning the group fitness certification with secular organization until our paths crossed and I switched. The reason for that being that my main goal and focus is to pursue this as a means of evangelism and also to bring health and fitness awareness to the christian world. Having said all this, faithfully fit seems to align with my overall vision and i would like to partner with your company. -Massachusetts

*Hey Donna! Just letting you know that I spoke at the LoveLady Center this morning. The Holy Spirit was so awesome. I felt it when i walked into the building. My message was "A Strong Woman Through The Holy Spirit." There were close to 150 ladies there. The hospital has a total of 400 ladies and 100 children. They are wanting to work with me on starting the fitness program. We will be getting in touch with you hopefully soon to get the first 2 trainers certified. -Alabama

*I am interested becoming a faith based personal trainer. I am currently ACE certified, and two years ago I became the Director of our church’s Community Center and Fitness Club. I think this would be a great addition to my current certifications. -Wisconsin

Who we are...

History: Christian Aerobic Resource was founded over 30 years ago by Patricia A. Lowery, a degreed professional in Health Science and an experienced leader in recreation and fitness programs. While doing recreation ministry work, Pat recognized the need for safer exercise programs, better trained fitness leaders and Christian music for fitness ministry. Goals: The overriding goal in Christian fitness is to minister to the “total” individual. Wellness encompasses the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being of an individual and sets a positive foundation for life’s experiences when all are in balance. To this end, Christian Aerobic Resource’s products and training have been developed. Current Status: Christian Aerobic Resource -Faithfullyfit! is the leading company supplying Christian based programming materials and training through workshops, conferences, online programs and sales via phone or website for fitness ministries. With experience, expertise, a well trained staff and over 23,000 customers in the United States and twenty foreign countries, Christian Aerobic Resource is recognized world-wide for their excellent products and dedication to ministry through fitness.

About Us

Julia Degler

NEW Store Owner, pictured w/ Dr. Donna Clemons, Certifier

Donna Clemons has been the proud owner of Christian Aerobic Resource - Faithfullyfit!  for several years now. She has helped establish over 1000 Christian fitness ministries and provides education, tools, resources and support to group fitness instructors, personal trainers, and faith leaders. Donna holds multiple fitness certifications and has authored several manuals including the Aerobic Ministry Manual, Yo-Gal, Personal Training Certification, among others.

Donna earned her Masters Degree in wellness Counseling and recently earned her Doctorate from the Unites States Sports Academy in Sports Management with an emphasis in Health Science and Fitness.  As an inspirational speaker and writer, she has inspired many to optimum emotional, physical, and spiritual health. She has written Fitness Curriculum for multiple Universities, including California Baptist University, where she is co-writing a new online bachelor degree in Sport, Recreation, and Fitness Management that launces Fall of 2017. Dr. Clemons currently works as a Professor and Department Chair of Kinesiology & Exercise Science at Faulkner University in Montgomery, Alabama.

Along with her warm, compassionate heart, Donna is a natural teacher and life coach. She is married and has three children.